Sanding And Polishing Wooden Floors

The trend these days are to have wooden flooring installed, as it dramatically boosts the look and value of your home. If you are planning to install a wood floor keep a couple of things in mind:.

  • The right types of wood to be utilized for your house.
  • The type of flooring.
  • The liked layer system.
Sanding The Floor

Sanding The Floor

The option is limitless and can be rather frustrating, but if you take professional advice, it will take all your anxiety away and leave you smiling with a natural gorgeous floor. Over a period of time wood floors lose their sparkle and finish due to constant wear and tear. If your floor starts to appear patchy or filthy due to stains, or is damaged or old, then it could be time for re-polishing of the wooden flooring to bring it back to its original magnificence.
Frequent sanding thins wood floorboards and decreases their life expectancy, so it’s important to care for your floors. Contact a floor-sanding expert, who can encourage you on the best mixtures to keep your wooden floors for their life time. Remember your timber floor has to be clean and dry before polishing and devoid of any dirt. The number of coats of polish generally depends on the volume of traffic the floor needs to handle. Typically 2 coats are enough to achieve the wanted sparkle; however a thicker coating could be warranted for high use floors.
If the floor appears spotty and uneven, then sanding have to be done to make the wooden floor even and smooth. Sanding can be done mechanically by using a drum and belt sander. For slim areas, stairs and corners a small hand held sander can be made use of. Sanding needs to be done a couple of times to eliminate all the gunk and discolorations, and to get a smooth and even flooring surface.


A Lacquer Coated Decking

The first round of floor sanding helps to eliminate the old finish and exposes a new layer of wood. The 2nd round smooths out the rough edges and imperfections left from the first round. The third and last round will offer us a smooth surface that is ready for waxing and polishing. Different grits of sand paper are needed for different rounds of sanding, so pick them according to the need of the floor, as heavy grits can leave marks on the floorboards when used needlessly. Sanding and polishing done by a professional will leave you with a smooth, clean and shiny floor you can be happy with.

Sanding and polishing wooden floors